LeaseWell Capital Solutions, LLC

Represents unique companies who serve specialty facilities, such as: Commercial Office, Food Service, Healthcare, Higher Education, Hospitality, and Retail. The products and services offered by our family of companies include, but are not limited to: Architectural Design, Brand Merchandising, Corporate Identity, Custom Store Fixtures, Equipment Financing, Furniture, Flooring,General Construction, Interior Design, Interior Fit-outs, Logistics, Permanent Point Of Point Of Purchase Displays, Private Rooftop Communication Lease Space Marketing, & Project Management within all projects of our family of companies.

Milford Enterprises, Inc.

A large (130,000 sq.ft) custom manufacturer of wood cabinets, casework, store fixtures & Permanent POP displays. Based in Quakertown, PA., Milford serves a cross-section of industries, such as: Healthcare, Higher Education, Food Service, Commercial Office, Retail & Hospitality. One of Milford's specialties is in designing and building "in-store" shops. Their pricing is very competitive, but most importantly, their accountability and customer service is: STELLAR!

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